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ImageDiscovered I have NCGI (non-celiac gluten intolerance) Well, no- I have CELIAC disease but the Dr failed to prove it because of her ignorance on this disease. There is a specific protocol to follow.  She fuc**d up. I find it impossible to believe all of my family members on this side of my family have had symptoms and that we ALL just happen to have an intolerance. Impossible.  I am on my own journey to heal with minimal help from the medical field. I will also be crusading to push Celiac Awareness especially throughout the medical field.  I have been to numerous doctors-MD, Rheum, GYN, Chiros, Dermas and dentists and they ALL should’ve seen the signs of this disease that I have had my whole life-since birth!! Misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis.  My Mother also had it and was put through the same misdiagnosis’ put through surgery after surgery- she was also undiagnosed for Celiac but every other disease she had was a symptom of Celiac- just like me, just like my Aunt-her twin. Mom died at age 64. Her mother was also undiagnosed her whole life. She died from colon cancer. Undiagnosed Celiac disease leads to colon cancer…
So I have lost family members and body organs, been violated and injured during un-necessary surgeries leading me to give up on the medical profession and take matters into my own hands.  This is my journey.  I hope it helps other Celiacs and my best healing wishes to you.   We can get better.  xxoo

~Grain free-gluten free-hfcs free-soy free-sugar free-processed food free-No GMO’s.  Dairy very light- scd 24 hr greek yogurt/hard cheeses.   It’s called eating REAL FOOD and it is what you have to do to heal the leaky gut. 


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