Giving it ALL up

If you’re new to gluten-free, my best advice to you is to read, read, read.  Educate yourself as best you can. Learn about intolerances and leaky gut. If this is you? You will know.  Listen to your body, and I’ll be frank- You’ve got to give up most foods at the beginning in order to heal.  Your body mistakes other proteins for gluten proteins because your gut is damaged. I’m not a Dr, I won’t give medical advice- I am here to help you heal and to share information I have learned.

I was very resistant at the beginning!!  Giving up gluten was bad enough!  I had been surviving on Spiru-tein shakes  mixed with milk and ice.  They made my tummy feel good and eating is very hard when everything makes you sick. Well, the people from both of the support groups who have been through this started telling me no-no-no to the milk and the soy (Non GMO soys in Spiru-tein).  Ugh.  That too?  😦  I’m not sure I have a reaction to either of them at this point. Some day when The Gut is healed, we’ll see about adding them back into my diet. For now, I will eat tiny amounts of extra sharp cheddar and SCD legal 24 hour homemade greek yogurt as far as dairy and no soy.  Almond milk is an excellent replacement for dairy milk.

I didn’t want to have to give up rice and beans either! Come on! …. and oh crap peanuts are a legume… 😦  no peanut butter?  I’ll never survive without peanut butter. 

Then there was all of the package foods and label reading in the beginning.  Do you realize that there is SOY or GLUTEN or HFCS in just about EVERY packaged food?  Those will prevent you from healing the fastest healthiest way.  There is also a  lot of gluten cross contamination- which is a whole other post!  A person with  Celiac disease needs to READ EVERY LABEL EVERY TIME!  If it says the product is manufactured in a plant with wheat- do not eat it. Gluten does damage to you if you have an intolerance–whether it is visable, as in a rash or canker sores or invisible- attacking bones and joints.

Then I gave up most packaged foods.  There are some products available to me that I enjoy, they are of course gluten free, all natural products that are celiac safe.   I am heavily relying on Artisana Raw Organic Coconut Butter- omg- if you love coconut, and I do, this stuff is incredible!!- I will eat a small spoonful for my no cheat treat.  Justin’s natural almond nut butter is excellent as well and comes in individual packets. 

After screwing around with all of the slow eliminating of foods- I wasn’t getting better. I had hit a wall.  That’s when I went drastic and gave it all up.  I had been on a white knuckle roller coaster ride with the withdrawals and extreme anxiety.  I had to DO something different.

I discovered the SCD – Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is used for autistic children and for gut healing, so I felt it sounded like a good plan.  The intro diet is just what I needed to reset my system.  I do want to add that my digestive issues had been cleared up since going gluten free in April so I didn’t feel the need to slowly add foods back into my diet, after the intro for 5 days, I went straight to Paleo/Primal eating.  I swear- I was feeling like a new person within 8 days and my energy was returning.  🙂 

Here’s where I started- with the chicken soup. 

I ate chicken soup, eggs, chicken,  lean ground beef burgers with egg on top and cooked to death baby carrots (I didn’t puree the carrots) and fresh bacon and more eggs- lol.  YOU NEED THE PROTEIN TO HEAL GUT DAMAGE. 

Here is a link to the SCD Intro diet. It rebooted my system.  It worked for me- very quickly and still feeling stronger every day. I have been living this way for 3 weeks now and even my DH has noticed the difference in me already  🙂 



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