Repetitive, a post from my Celiac group.  Funny how the people who have it SEE it and GET it

July 17, 2012

This is going to be LONG but I want to put it all out there… thanks in advance for reading and please excuse my anxiety.

Family History
  ~maternal grandmother-never felt well, irritable and mean, body aches, dental problems, memory loss, fibroids,
back and hip problems, unable to lose weight/bloat 20lbs overweight, gall bladder removed, colon cancer tumor, had surgery and thrived
while on a liquid diet, cancer returned and killed her.
  ~maternal great uncle- I know he had eczema
  ~maternal great aunt- died at 6 yrs of age (in the 30’s) from complications of a cut foot. (auto-immune related??)
  ~maternal great uncle- very skinny, unable to gain weight, digestive problems, ulcers, D, eye cancer, tremors, dementia, frozen/fused joints
  ~Maternal grandfather– died…

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