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Setting up My Kombucha SCOBY Hotel aka Continuous Brew

I found this gorgeous water dispenser at the Amish Store

This is how my Kombucha SCOBY arrived.

I am using a mixture of black tea and green tea

If I drain a quart off, I replenish with 2 green tea bags, 1 black and 1/4 c sugar per quart of tea. Let cool to room temp. This is it’s “food”.


🙂 Delicious! Let brew for 24 to 48 hours and start tasting! I like it right out of the spigot but you can do a 2nd ferment in a grolsch-style bottle adding fruit or juice to flavor it and it adds more fizz.

The cover has to be a tight weave cotton with a rubberband around it. I use this fugly bandana 😉

This is a Baby SCOBY forming

 I’m not posting a recipe because it depends on the size of your vessel and how much you are brewing.  There are specifics in the links I posted.  Most importantly, cleanliness is a must!  AND NO SOAP!  I wash and rinse everything that comes in contact with the brew thoroughly and then rinse with white vinegar to be safe.